Trust & Safety 

At Stay, our top priority is the safety and comfort of our members. Enjoying your getaway begins with feeling safe.

We have put several measures in place in order to  build trust and create a safe environment for our community members. 

Enhanced Sanitization Measures:

Our Enhanced Sanitization Measures are designed to add a layer of comfort and protection for a stress free getaway. 

The intent is for these measures to be followed in conjunction with local laws and guidelines for masks and social distancing as well as standard cleaning procedures. To read more about these measures, visit our Covid Measures Policy.

Unforeseen Events Policy:

Our Unforeseen Events Policy has been designed to protect guests and hosts in situations which may not be addressed by the standard cancellation policy. Generally, it applies to unforeseen events which negatively impact a booking. In these instances, this policy will supersede the standard cancellation policy. For more information and examples of situations covered under this policy, Unforeseen Policy

Secure Payments:

All payments on the Stay platform are processed by Stripe. Stay is never in possession of your card number. Stripe is a secure global payment provider which utilizes the highest grade of payment processing security. Stripe is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Rest assured, your payment is always safe and secure on the Stay platform.

Account Protection:

Trust begins with knowing your account is secure. On the Stay platform, hosts' identities are verified by Stripe, which is our secure payment processing partner. Stripe also applies fraud prevention rules to all payments, adding a layer of safety for both hosts and guests. 

Hosts can also set up a requirement for their guests to go through an enhanced verification process, which not only verifies the authenticity of their government issued ID, but also confirms that a selfie taken at the time of verification matches the image on the ID.

Authentic Reviews:

Since hosts and guests can only review a Stay after the trip is complete, you can be assured that feedback is based on real-life experiences. 

Furthermore, to encourage hosts and guests to submit unbiased reviews, neither party can view the other’s review until both have been submitted.